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Join Industry Leaders and Recover Untapped Profit and Volume Potential
With experience working on over 50 projects in the Banking and Finance world, Nomis Solutions has optimized over $600 billion in consumer accounts and generated over $600 million in incremental profits, through more than 100,000 pricing scenarios.

Through predictive insights about customer price-sensitivity and demand, the Pricing and Profitability Management Suite provides banking professionals the ability to unlock the profit and volume potential of their lending and deposits portfolios while satisfying risk, funding and regulatory constraints.

Join with leaders like Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, and many others to unlock your portfolio's true profit and volume potential.
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Pricing Strategies and Tools for Financial Services
Our successful pricing technology deployments include deposits and savings, credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, home equity, auto finance, small business lending, and merchant acquiring. We leverage this experience to bring similar results to your unique business environment and deliver the fastest time-to-benefit.
What's Missing from Most Pricing Practices and Processes?
Our solutions replace ad-hoc approaches, one-price-fits-all and guesswork with advanced analytics, innovative technology and tailored business practices and processes.

Using a combination of advanced analytics and innovative technology, our solutions allow banking executives to make data-driven decisions to align their pricing practices with customer needs and business goals.
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