"Pricing optimization is enabling bank executives to use pricing as a strategic weapon to meet their corporate objectives..."

Learn more from the guru of price optimization, Dr. Robert Phillips.
How It Works
How It Works
"Almost all (90%) of the bankers said that to be profitable in the future, given regulatory changes occurring, transforming out of the status quo is critical."

study conducted by IBM's Institute for Business Value and the Economist Intelligence Unit
Traditional Pricing Leaves Money on the Table
Traditional pricing strategies such as consumer risk scores, competitor rates, one-price-fits-all fees, financial goals or market rates, are inadequate. Times of economic downturn or increased consumer protection call for more sophisticated pricing strategies. A pricing strategy that can specifically predict how your customers will respond to price relative to other product features is essential.
What Makes Our Pricing Tools Work
Understanding consumer price sensitivity is at the heart of Nomis Solutions’ pricing tools. With the ability to measure and predict price sensitivity at a market, segment, and even individual consumer level, Nomis Solutions provides you with predictive and specific insights across a broad spectrum of segmentation.
Take Your Seat at the Dashboard: Award-Winning Optimization Platform
Our software suites are driven by your customer data, advanced analytics, innovative technology and are specifically tailored to your current business practices and financial goals. With this type of specific data and segmentation, we give you the valuable insight into customer preferences allowing you to choose the right pricing strategy, mitigate cannibalization across product lines, manage attrition risk, negotiate better transactions through target pricing, and design more value-oriented products.
Understanding Price Sensitivity Can Generate a 10 - 20% Lift in Profits
Making the right trade-off between profit and volume can only happen when you understand your customers’ price sensitivity. Being able to predict tolerance to price relative to other product features, allows you to make fully informed decisions about profit and market share trade-offs. Previously lost profit and volume potential is revealed, even within an increasingly regulated and competitive marketplace.
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Closing the Loop: Your Decisions Are Data Driven
Nomis' Closed Loop Pricing Process streamlines the performance monitoring, analysis, optimization, and execution phases of your pricing strategy and provides critical feedback to ensure continued learning and adaption to dynamic market conditions. The closed loop pricing process consistently generates between 10-35% of incremental profits for implementations, while remaining within a compliant, controlled and auditable process.
Expert Help, Every Step Along the Way
Our pricing experts lend you decades of experience to help define and implement pricing strategies and tools, improve pricing processes and systems, integrate solutions alongside your business requirements, and continually improve on-going pricing operations. We maintain a collaborative environment, ensuring you’re comfortable using the pricing tools and helping to make strategic decisions along the way. Based on the size of your portfolio, we will help you find the right service or solution and will always keeping your budget in mind.
Join Industry Leaders and Partner with Nomis Solutions
Our customers include seven of the top 15 North American Banks, leading finance companies and market leaders in Canada, the UK, and EMEA. Successful deployments include deposits and saving, credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, home equity, auto finance, small business lending and merchant acquiring. As a market leader with over 50 implementations, Nomis has helped our customers optimize $600 billion in banking transactions for an additional $600 million in profits.

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