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Checking Account Fee Price Sensitivity Diagnostic
As banks consider changing fee structures on checking and interest-bearing deposit accounts, the critical questions will be: who will stay given increased fees, what will the impact on overall balances and fee income be, and how do I optimally target customers based on their price sensitivity to fees? Nomis Score will enable you to answer these questions and minimize the impact of Dodd-Frank on your bottom line.
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Learn to increase profits and volume from the guru of pricing analytics.

Pricing optimization is enabling bank executives to use pricing as a strategic weapon to meet their corporate objectives and to become more customer-centric in their decision making.

Dr. Robert L. Phillips, Chief Science Officer
Vice President, Research & Development,
Author of Pricing and Revenue

What Every Bank Executive Should Know about Pricing Optimization
This video presentation discusses the value of Pricing Optimization to financial services companies, and features interviews with customers, analysts and Nomis executives, discussing how leading institutions are currently using the Nomis Price Optimizer.
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Five Keys to Finding the 'Right' Price
by Dr. Robert Phillips
Banking Strategies Magazine
By improving their ability to analyze and assess customer transaction data and use it to make future decisions, financial institutions can move past risk-based pricing to pricing optimization. That allows them to optimize prices within existing segments, then fine-tune customer segments for even more precise pricing. Such innovative pricing strategies can significantly improve both profits and volume on retail loans.
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Efficient Frontiers in Revenue Management
by Dr. Robert Phillips
Research Article
We consider the problem of generating the efficient frontier (or Pareto set) between two business goals in a pricing and revenue management context.
Efficient Frontiers in Revenue Management (PDF) »
Price-Driven Adverse Selection in Consumer Lending by Dr. Robert Phillips
Columbia University Center for Pricing and Revenue Management
This paper shows how price-driven adverse selection in consumer lending can be explained in terms of differential price-sensitivity between lenders who will default ("bads") and those who will not ("goods").
Price-Driven Adverse Selection in Consumer Lending (PDF) »

Book: Pricing and Revenue Optimization
by Dr. Robert Phillips
In this book, Dr. Robert Phillips provides an introduction to the concepts, theories, and applications of pricing and revenue optimization. Drawing lessons across a range of industries, this book serves as a valuable resource to pricing practitioners, business line managers, and banking executives.
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