"Pricing optimization is enabling bank executives to use pricing as a strategic weapon to meet their corporate objectives..."

Learn more from the guru of price optimization, Dr. Robert Phillips.
Auto Finance
Grow Profits 10-20%, Volumes Up to 20%
Take the guesswork out of auto finance pricing with Nomis Solutions.
Auto Finance Profits with Nomis Solutions

A major US indirect auto lender chose Nomis to help pinpoint profitable profit/volume trade-offs and increase rate granularity and scenario analysis to meet their originations profitability goals more effectively.

Nomis Price Optimizer™ brings together relevant data with demand analytics and powerful decision making technology to quantify customer price sensitivity and illustrate the impact that changes in price have on volume, revenue, and credit risk - enabling optimal pricing management decisions.

The Results – Profitability Beyond Expectations
Boosted profit $4 million in the first 3 months
Improved utilization of funds
Curbed margin erosion
Enhanced pricing process efficiency
Increased prices in over 20 pricing regions
What Makes Our Pricing Solutions Work

Understanding consumer price sensitivity is at the heart of our solutions. With the ability to measure and predict price sensitivity at a market, segment, and even individual consumer level, Nomis Solutions provides a proven approach to creating value through data, methodology, analytics and technology.

The Nomis approach enables a continuous learning and improvement process, incorporating price elasticity, adverse selection and prepayment risk. Our pricing solutions calculate the optimal rate while targeting expected volume impact and profit. This enables clients to empirically manage competing priorities, creates competitive advantage, and provides a proven ROI.

Nomis Auto Finance Clients Earn Gains on Several Fronts
Top Captive Lender significantly increased volume, keeping Return on Equity (ROE) constant and increased responsiveness to changing market conditions
Leading US Bank improved risk adjusted margins by better controlling portfolio mix and mitigating adverse selection
Pricing Solutions for Auto Finance
Our products are tailored to your business requirements and existing systems.
Brief: Price Sensitivity and Auto Finance

Learn more about price sensitivity and what our pricing tools can do for your auto finance business.

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