"Pricing optimization is enabling bank executives to use pricing as a strategic weapon to meet their corporate objectives..."

Learn more from the guru of price optimization, Dr. Robert Phillips.
Profitably grow your business leveraging data-based decisioning across the merchant lifecycle
5-15 bps margin improvement and significant improvements in operational efficiency
Achieve Profitable Growth by...
Increasing new business volume by empowering sales force to make informed and rapid decisions
Minimizing margin erosion through a more controlled sales process for merchant price negotiation at acquisition or renegotiation
Reducing days to activation of accounts through more efficient paperless on-boarding process and understand competitor pricing through systematic capture of data
Maximizing portfolio value and stem price driven attrition through proactive merchant performance management and scientific pricing for trigger events such as scheme/network assessment fee changes
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Typical Results - financial gain, strategic insight and streamlined operational execution
A Top Acquirer in UK increased new business conversions by 20% while improving pre-tax profits by 11%
A Top 5 Payment Processor in the US chose Nomis to help reduce application decision time and pends by over 50% while gaining 5-15 bps improvement in margin in different merchants segments

What Makes Our Pricing Services and Tools Work
Understanding merchant preferences within the market and competitive context is at the heart of Nomis’ methodology. The approach and decision technology have been continuously improved with over 40 engagements with established and niche financial services firms in US, UK, Canada and South Africa.


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