"Pricing optimization is enabling bank executives to use pricing as a strategic weapon to meet their corporate objectives..."

Learn more from the guru of price optimization, Dr. Robert Phillips.
Personal Lending
10-20% Profit Lift in 3 Months, 10X ROI in One Year
Find new profits in originations and re-pricing while maintaining volume and credit quality with Nomis Solutions pricing tools.
Personal Lender Reaps Rewards of New Pricing Approach
Major banks offering secured and unsecured personal loans have chosen Nomis for its ability to quickly generate significant profits while maintaining volume and credit quality.
In Every Instance – Profitability Beyond Expectations
$8-10 increase in one-year net interest income per account when used as additional dimension in originations pricing
$20-30 increase in one-year net interest income per account when incorporated into re-pricing campaigns for lines of credit
26 bps profit improvement at stable originations when used to better tailor prices to specific market segments
What Makes Our Pricing Tools Work
Understanding consumer price sensitivity is at the heart of Nomis Solutions' pricing tools. With the ability to measure and predict price sensitivity at a market, segment, and even individual consumer level, Nomis Solutions provides you with predictive and specific insights across a broad spectrum of segmentation.
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Pricing Tools for Personal Lending
Our products are tailored to your business requirements and existing systems.
Case Study: Price Sensitivity and Personal Lending
Learn more about price sensitivity and what our pricing tools can do for your personal lending business.
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