"Pricing optimization is enabling bank executives to use pricing as a strategic weapon to meet their corporate objectives..."

Learn more from the guru of price optimization, Dr. Robert Phillips.
Pricing Best Practices Assessment
Our Range of Price Consulting Services Helps You Achieve Optimal Pricing
Nomis Solutions helps retail banking professionals unlock untapped profit and volume potential while satisfying risk, funding and regulatory constraints. What’s more, we bring significant value to every customer — even those who are on a limited budget.

"I have been impressed with the quality and professionalism of the Nomis staff. Obviously, your focus on building a strong relationship has created a valuable partnership. We look forward to our continued collaboration."

Global Risk Manager, Leading US Auto Finance Provider

In order to ensure our customers’ optimal pricing, Nomis Solutions offers a range of strategic price consulting. Our financial services experts work side-by-side with you to find the optimal pricing strategy for your unique circumstance, and to provide you with the data you’ll need to make fully informed pricing decisions.
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Find out how we can augment your existing approach with pricing tools that will improve your profitability, help you make more informed decisions and reach your company's financial goals.

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Pricing Best Practices Assessment—The First Step in Price Optimization
We consider this the first step toward achieving pricing optimization. Included with this engagement, is on-site current practices and price-sensitivity data evaluations. Our Pricing Best Practices Assessment will help you understand gaps in your current pricing approach versus accepted best practices extrapolated from written responses to the interview guide and in-person follow-up with subject matter experts.

We will demonstrate how your customer’s price sensitivity can be rank ordered to aid your pricing segmentation process, identify “quick wins,” and most importantly determine the dollar value of implementing quick-win opportunities within a three-month period.
Pricing Tools for Financial Services
Our products are tailored to your business requirements and existing systems.
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