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Does 2020 have you questioning everything - including your 2021 budget? You aren’t alone. As next year’s planning is well underway, you are probably rethinking channel distribution strategies. So just how should you be planning out your budget and preparing to justify those changes in an uncertain environment?

What are the approaches that work? Listen to industry experts Alex Jimenez, Extractable, and Dustin Allen, Senior Director of Global Deposits, Nomis Solutions, discuss the digital possibilities for next year, what your budgeting goals should be, and why keeping up with the evolving times is essential to survival

Key Takeaways:

  • How the year 2020 has cataclysmically forced banking into digital transformation
  • How banks are pivoting focus and dollars to satisfy a new top priority
  • How you can position your budget asks so that they fit into the grand scheme of your bank’s growth goals