Chief Operating Officer

Roger is responsible for end-to-end development and delivery of Nomis’ products. He ensures that our world-class analytics, platform, technology stack, and service teams deliver unprecedented value to our clients and their customers. Roger is an avid adventure motorcyclist, likes to travel the world off the beaten path, and is ‘attempting' to kite surf. He was born with an inexplicable fascination of llamas and tractors. His most infamous moment was an unsuccessful attempt to become the Stanford mascot.

Roger was more successful in the office. He spent 14 years at Risk Management Solutions (RMS), the world’s leading provider of analytical products and services for the quantification and management of catastrophic risk in the insurance market. At RMS, Roger built a successful data business, served on the executive team of a 1,500 person subsidiary in Delhi for 3 years, scaled an analytics team from 40 to 350 people, and ran the global consulting team from London for 7 years. He was responsible for vision, strategy, software development, services, marketing, evangelizing, selling, and evolving enterprise-grade products. He graduated from Stanford with a B.A. in Economics & English, B.S. in Earth Systems, and M.S. in Earth Systems.

As a child, Roger wanted to grow up to be a doctor until he found out they got sued, then a dentist until he realized that mouths are ugly. In a vision at age 5, he realized that he hungered to monetize analytics and data.