Having additional insights and analysis in a way that can be easily digested by partners in the field gives them a lot more confidence in what we’re doing. The capabilities improve the conversation.

Ben Mendelsohn

Vice President, Retail Product Management, Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank

We now look at new product offerings with a greater understanding of the future implications for the rest of the book. It’s also led us to structure our products in such a way that we have different strategic approaches to pricing on all of these products. The segmentation has allowed us to differentiate based on the clients’ needs, and that differentiation is also included in new product development. The outcomes of new introductions are clearly understood and measurable. Furthermore, we have a clearer understanding of how the products flow between each other and how the customers react in different economic cycles to different product categories.

Alison Teal

Head of Retail Balance Sheet Management, Nedbank Group

Before Nomis, our renewal contact with customers was basically regulatory-driven. Nomis helped us with a much more disciplined contact strategy. What we needed was someone to apply analytic discipline to our mortgage retention initiatives and to provide assistance on which customers were most likely to attrite so we could focus our efforts on those customers. What it boiled down to was what customers to contact, how to contact them, and what renewal rate we should offer them. At the same time, our pricing was entirely dependent on our sales officer's negotiation. With Nomis, we were able to standardize our pricing and offer rates to our customers based primarily on their probability of attrition. We not only met our business case objectives, we exceeded them...while at the same time we were able to keep our margins stable.

Lezley Chafetz

Director of Product & Program Design, Scotiabank



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