Overwhelmed with deposits, the financial industry is not talking about deposit pricing right now. But they should be.

More than ever, customer relationships are at the core of success, and with pricing capability building better relationships, we think it’s the perfect time to talk about deposits. In this edition of 3 Minute Banker, hear from Dustin Allen, Senior Director of Global Deposit Solution, as he gives a teaser of his upcoming roundtable at CBA Live 2020, "Why Deposit Pricing Matters When Deposit Matters When Deposit Pricing Doesn't Matter". Are you attending? Make sure to join us for a discussion with Dustin and your peers on how to grow and retain profitable customer relationships when deposit pricing isn’t just a lever you can pull. 


What: Why Deposit Pricing Matters When Deposit Pricing Doesn’t Matter - Roundtable

Who: Dustin Allen, Nomis Solutions, and peers

When: Wednesday, September 30th, 3:00 pm ET

Where: CBA Live 2020


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