2020 is coming to an end and as you plan for 2021 we want you to think further. Plan for 2025. Where is the industry headed not just next year but the next four to five years and what can you do now to prepare yourself for success? Improve your digital experience.

In this edition of 3 Minute Banker, Senior Director Dustin Allen gives a preview of his upcoming webinar with CBA where he'll explore how replacing your LOS/Core System can improve your relationships with customers while still keeping cost savings top of mind. Have you registered yet? Make sure to join us for a conversation on what steps you can take now to guarantee success for years to come.


What: Retail Deposit & Lending Pricing 2025: Where the industry is headed, and what you need to do next year to prepare.

Who: Dustin Allen, Senior Director at Nomis Solutions

When: Thursday, December 10th, 2:00 pm ET

Where: CBA Webinar

**Use code nomis1210 to register for free!**


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