Premier Lending, a nationwide retail mortgage lender, began leveraging Nomis Solutions in 2020 to better optimize their pricing strategies. Since then, the California-based IMB has used Nomis’ robust analytics platform to not only price better, but to sell loans more competitively and more confidently execute trades by facilitating transparency into competitor pricing.

“The Nomis technology platform enables our team to accurately identify what is going on operationally so we can make the most informed strategic decisions, which ultimately, helps us to be more profitable in the long term."
Isaiah Bell, Secondary Analyst

Nomis solutions recently published an informative case study that details the experience of mortgage lending lock desk veteran, Isaiah Bell. Bell gives a first-hand account of the challenges Premier Lending faced, as well as the solutions they were able to achieve with the Nomis platform. From overcoming uncertainties in competitive pricing to leveling the competitive landscape and providing valuable tools to augment internal LO support, the Nomis platform has enabled Premier Lending to price with data-based certainty and compete more effectively.

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