Organizations of all sizes are made of pieces. The successful ones unite those pieces together to form a central unit that moves as one in the same direction. No matter if it is the size of Amazon or a small financial pricing optimization SMB – the goal is to make all of their many functions look and feel easy, like a well-oiled machine, to external audiences.

Sales may be the face of an organization, marketing the voice, the product team the brain, and so on. But where would any of them be without the mechanism that keeps them pumping? Enter Customer Success. Technical assistant? Check. Case studies and customer champions? Sure thing. Product feedback? Everyday. User adoption? They’re on it every minute of the day. Yes, the Customer Success team is most definitely the heart. Without their constant interaction, relationship building, guidance, and helping hands – your customer lifespan would be a quick blip on the radar. That’s a heavy load to carry, but some were just built with the ability to balance the technical, emotional, personable, and collaborative elements it takes.

I got to sit down and speak to just one of those gifted individuals Nomis’ own David Dority.

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In any company customer success if vital to the adoption and success of a product. What got you into this field? Where did you start?

After 12 years of IT, experience in the Air Force followed by 10 years in banking and mortgage, I was looking for a way to combine my experiences and leverage them to help people. Given that the customer success discipline was still fairly young, I hadn’t heard much about it. A recruiter from Oracle thought the combination of my experience positioned me well to work in Customer Success and so I gave it a try. It felt like putting on that pair of shoes that fit just perfectly. Right then, I knew I was in the right field and haven’t looked back since.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome in a role like this in the past?

0B6EEAB8-0B07-4B51-B91E-9C1D168F282E (1)Learning how the different teams have to work together in order for customer success to work. It takes sales, product, and leadership buying in the process and equipping and empowering the CSM to play a proactive role in the customer life cycle. You have to know about the product, what your internal partners do, what the customer does, and what their goals are. Then you have to be able to pull it all together driving towards successful outcomes for the customer.

What do you think is the biggest strength you bring to the table?

My people skills -- the intangibles are my greatest strength. Different customers use different products. Different employers use different tools to track success. You can learn all of that with your ramp-up. The thing that is hard to teach is the art of the relationship.

What was it about Nomis that piqued your interest?

IMG_2737As someone who has started and run a small business, I have a deep appreciation and attraction to things that strike my entrepreneurial nerve. Coming on board with an established company rolling out a new lending software in a market I was familiar with made the decision a no-brainer. 

I found the people I connected with during the interview process to be engaging and excited about the future and that made my decision very easy.

As you’ve already started working with customers on Nomis Mortgage, what have you learned so far? Has anything specifically resonated with you?

IMG_0334After just a couple of weeks, I’ve enjoyed meeting some of the customers and have picked up a common theme. They are anxious for partnership in reaching their goals and they are excited about a tool that can reduce TTV “time to first value” to almost instantaneously. I think the type of customer that can take advantage of Nomis Mortgage is only further excited by the concept of customer success. In fact, one customer said, “the sky’s the limit with this tool, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes!” and another one who’s been working with the tool for a month said, “I’m really glad we found you guys”. That kind of response to a solution you’re providing makes it easy to do your job which is, to be honest. It allows me to focus on really helping them realize their own definition of success and how that can become a reality.