Banking Growth Forum 2020 has been cancelled over concerns regarding the coronavirus but stay tuned - we are working on alternative ways to stay engaged. 

I know it doesn’t feel like it, especially for those of us freezing in colder climates, but spring is fast approaching. For Nomis, that means Banking Growth Forum is near – our must-attend industry event for retail bankers and lenders.

Executives from the world’s top retail banks and emerging fintech companies, along with some of the industry’s leading experts, will convene this year in Chicago on April 29th to learn, network and arm themselves to outperform in 2020.

Being a seasoned marketing executive, I get that there are many competing events out there that promise an ‘enlightening’ experience. What makes BGF stand out from the pack is the depth of the engagement for the attendees. As I expressed after BGF2019 in my blog post ‘Takeaways from this year’s Banking Growth Forum,’ BGF attracts a diverse collection of executives at various levels, from different lines of business, and across geographies unified by common goals and challenges. What distinguishes this gathering from other industry get-togethers is the willingness of attendees and presenters to engage and dig into the issues and the opportunities in order to realize meaningful insights and actionable next

So that was last year… and now you must assess and convince your higher-ups that this is a good use of your time. I am going to make it easy for you by summing up in three critical reasons why you need to attend this year’s event.

It’s not easy out there

I don’t need to tell you that we have been dealing with some persistent and pervasive rough waters. There is the looming downturn that will continue to keep the pressure on, increasing disintermediation as the fintech movement gains steam—all while major tech players make a more direct move into retail banking. We watch as challengers gain critical mass through customer-centric business models, inciting incumbents to focus more on this strategic priority.

At BGF you will be surrounded by like minds with different experiences coming at these issues from every angle. Industry peers will share with you how they succeeded and where they failed. Proven use cases will clearly demonstrate how to develop enduring customer relationships and outmaneuver your competitors. A little hint – it’s all about what can happen in the moment. Success lies in being present for new points of view and contributing to the dialogues that will help move your business forward.

Growth is available if you know where to look for itnomis-solutions_banking-growth-forum-2019_day3_preview-25-1

We are all facing the new normal of hyper-connected customers, intensifying competition, and persistent macroeconomic pressures tightening the strings on our business. But our targets are getting more aggressive and expectations are not waning. We need to be extra creative when digging for pockets of growth. Specifically, what are the steps you need to take to become more customer centric and ultimately recession proof?

At BGF we will delve into how to ready your organization to outperform in 2020. For example:

  • It’s time to think beyond optimization and look at pricing more holistically to ensure you are taking advantage of all available levers to amplify your results.
  • There is a new normal of lending but also an opportunity for on-going value creation in today’s hyper-connected lending market
  • Own your deposits growth in 2020 by negotiating tradeoffs between balance growth or maintenance, net interest margin, and the interactions between financial products in a falling rate environment.
  • Achieving an insight advantage is critical to meeting customer expectations and out-performing competitors. Leveraging precise and timely insights into deposit/lending demand, competition, and price elasticity allows you to reduce interest expense while maximizing balance acquisition and retention.

Ask yourself: is your pricing better than Amazon? Are you measuring against the right competitive set to get the results you need? Do you really have control over your exception pricing? Do you know how and where to leverage big data and AI to compete more effectively? And finally, how do you solve for the last mile to ensure your front line is feeling empowered and you are feeling confident? All these questions will be addressed at Banking Growth Forum, so save your seat today.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

This one is a no-brainer. Making the right connections is invaluable. For more than a decade, retail bankers and lenders have been gathering at the Forum to trade best practices and new ideas that will make their business more successful. As I said earlier, this is a community that is open to share and collaborate on what it takes to thrive in today’s climate.

Our emerging speaker line-up highlights the caliber of participants at this year’s Banking Growth Forum:

  • Steve Levitt: author of the bestselling Freakonomics series and economics professor at the University of Chicago
  • Bob Phillips: founder of Nomis Solutions and director of pricing research at Amazon
  • Christopher Manderfield: EVP, director of product management, Key Bank
  • Josh Miller: SVP, personal lines and loans, Wells Fargo
  • Rogan Vleming: data science, pricing & retail, Scotiabank
  • Jon Giles: head of home equity lending, TD Bank (US)
  • Luke Smyk: senior director of mortgages and secured lending, CIBC
  • Doug Hempel: SVP, dealer financial services, Truist
  • Nicole Ow: managing director & head, term investments, BMO

Hope to see in Chicago!



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