Mozart and Pricing Optimization

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is widely believed to be the only great composer possessing absolute pitch, the ability to identify any musical note without a reference pitch. An observer of the 7 year old Mozart claimed, “I saw and heard how, when he was made to listen in another room, they would give him notes, high and low, not only on the piano but on every other imaginable instrument, and he came out with the note in an instant.”

Up until recently, researchers maintained absolute pitch was something Mozart attained through his neurological wirings at birth. Recent research has illuminated Mozart learned absolute pitch through consistent, purposeful experiences with many different instruments from a very young age (his father was an accomplished composer and was intentional with his instrumental training of a very young Mozart). The implication of the modern research is that the option exists for humans to learn absolute pitch with proper, deep training!

Model. Test. Repeat.

So what’s the point? Being great at something isn’t always natural, it takes time, practice, precision and testing to understand your playing field and how you can maximize what you are working with to achieve success. The same goes for your 


pricing optimization initiative!

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Nadine was able to achieve a 40% increase in annualized value for target products, 3%increase in annualized value for her entire deposits portfolio and 7X ROI on deposits with pricing optimization.

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