According to Oscar Wilde “When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss Art. When artists get together for dinner, they discuss Money”. I personally did not hear any discussions about art at the Nomis Canadian Financial Services Dinner but it very well could have happened. What I did see was a strong community of executives, scanning the room for colleagues they have not connected with in a while and fully engaged in mostly social and some professional conversations. It felt more like a high school reunion that an awkward industry networking event.



As a marketing professional I have experienced many client events where participants eagerly depart as soon as they have had enough of their dessert. Not the case at the Chase Fish & Oyster on November the 8th. This crowd fully embraced their cocktail hour to catch up with old connections and engage with the Nomis leadership. Getting everyone seated for dinner while they were so engrossed in conversation was more of an effort than I expected! Dinner was enjoyed at a leisurely pace with loud bursts of laughter coming sporadically from various tables.

As I scanned the room well after dinner I realized this evening was not slowing down any time soon. This is a community who truly embraces an opportunity to engage across their industry. These are challenging times for banks and the pressure is on to find new ways to generate results. Having access to a room full of colleagues and experts to discuss pitfalls and solutions in one evening is an invaluable experience.




“On the 10th anniversary of this event, I was reminded again just how valuable our clients find it to engage with their peers down the street. No bank is on an island so the common industry challenges around growth, getting new initiatives approved, or engaging their customers in meaningful ways applied to everyone in attendance.” Steve Dobrenski, VP Corporate Development at Nomis Solutions

Hot topics included pricing best practices and discretion management. Our very own Frank Rohde, President & CEO of Nomis Solutions, emphasized in his welcoming toast the importance of looking at pricing more holistically, from setting to delivery to presentment, to ensure greater outcomes and more enduring client relationships.




Thanks to all of our attendees for making the 2019 Nomis Canadian Financial Services Dinner a resounding success. I am looking forward to hosting this gang at our marque industry event, Banking Growth Forum 2020, in April in Chicago. For more information see our event page or reach out to me directly at