Interest rates have steadily risen from prolonged, historic lows and the overall competitive landscape for deposits is intensifying. However, are most consumers noticing, and do they find these deposits yields lucrative enough to prompt action?  Many bankers believe that a broad-based ‘Inflection Point’ in deposits is around the corner and deposit interest rates will start occupying a more central place in the financial planning of many Americans.  How and where bankers choose to respond to the ‘Inflection Point’ question drive significantly more or less profitable deposits portfolio growth.

During this webinar, deposits professionals Sri Gowd and Dave Nicholson will discuss factors influencing the timing of a broad-based ‘Inflection Point’, including insights from the last rising rate cycle, views into the current competitive environment, and macro supply-and-demand dynamics. They will also share several high-impact visualizations of live customer data and hone in on changes in consumer preferences in choice spaces within consumer deposits portfolios. Finally, they will discuss some tactical bank responses to the ‘Inflection Point’ question.

The webinar will cover:

  1. Drivers of a consumer deposits 'Inflection Point'.
  2. The presence of any clear and measurable shifts in deposits consumer behavior.
  3. Insights into alternative approaches for managing rates amidst the shifts in the deposits consumer behavior.