Our Success team thrives on translating science and analytics into results. 

We provide each customer a Customer Success Director, an expert at delivering the solution coaching, advisory consulting, and performance insights required to maximize value from our solutions and meet your objectives. Our Success program goes beyond training and account management and is instead designed to help customers fulfill their objectives and see results.

Why we are different: Results 

Our Customer Success program is a consulting and coaching program that first unpacks the market dynamics and pricing potential across your market and product segments. And through the modeling insights, our Success program reveals the demand elasticity, pricing strategies, and macro environment opportunities that create new performance opportunities. Our team helps you translate opportunities into results by establishing the analysis, forecasting, and modeling processes that help your team raise profitability and build more effective customer relationships.

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Through our analytics, customers can realize a 20x ROI in their first year.

We create Profit Heroes

Along with industry-leading advisory expertise, our Success programs builds new autonomy. Our Profit Hero Certification program is designed to build pricing experts, not just Nomis feature/functionality experts. The Nomis Profit Hero Certification program is a full service training-by-workshop program designed to represent the new pricing and strategy expertise that allows your team to become truly self-sufficient Profit Hero.

Certified users go through introductory 101 through advanced 301 training workshops gated by user satisfaction, knowledge acquisition and behavioral assessments.

We Sustain Innovation

Our Success program provides on-going coaching, advisory consulting and performance guidance. Our team regularly measures your Nomis solution performance and goal attainment by marshaling our bench of experienced Deposits and Lending experts, our Success team provides on-going product, market and pricing performance insights to inform steering committee and business assessment decision making.

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Super Regional Midwest Bank
Bank Leverages Customer Segmentation to Retain Promotional Deposits
Auto Lender Balances Profitability and Volume for 11%+ increase in NIBT
Canadian Personal Lender Improves Market Rank with 100K Increase in Loan Volume

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