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Exception and promotional pricing has displaced traditional book pricing strategies in the latest rate cycle.  For most financial institutions, the process for designing and delivering exception pricing has not kept up with the demand from customers and front-line teams.  In this webinar, Dustin Allen will discuss how you should think about cost of funds management through 2019 and 2020, and what you can to do proactively keep your cost of deposits from spiraling out of control.


  1. What is “Exception Pricing” and why has it become so prevalent?
  2. How banks can adapt to the changing consumer to embrace exception pricing as strategy.
  3. Learn how to gather intelligence on competitor exception rates, and ensure a fair and consistent administration of exception pricing at your bank.


  1. Greater understanding of the environment of pricing, exceptions, and the impact on cost of funds.
  2. Improve vision of change management, discipline, systems, and policies required to become empowered in administering exception pricing.
  3. Become better informed on what customer attributes should be considered when creating an exception price and learn how technology can remove the friction from the process and improve the client experience. 

Dustin Allen




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