The Nomis Index Portfolio Impact Modeler for Savings allows you to model the impact of any increase in the interest rate environment on your retail savings deposits and a whole lot more in just a few clicks. 

See the impact of Fed Rate hike on your portfolio
Impact of Fed Rate screenshot

See how changes to the Fed Funds Rate can impact your portfolio's volume, interest costs and profitability.

Assess different competitive pricing strategies
Competitive Pricing Strategies screenshot

Explore the results of various pricing strategies on your portfolio including leading, following and lagging your price changes.

Understand how competitors affect your portfolio
Competitors affect your portfolio screenshot

Scenario-test the impact of competitors' actions on various pricing strategies to determine the best course of action.

How you can use Nomis Index

With Nomis Index, you can estimate the impact to your portfolio balance, interest expense and net interest income by scenario testing a variety competitive strategies including no response, lead, follow or lag within the context of your competitor’s likely response.

With Nomis Index, you can:

  • Estimate the likely impact to your portfolio if you do nothing in the face of a rate increase
  • Formulate a competitive strategy by testing a variety of scenarios and the related potential impacts based on level of competitor aggressiveness
  • Estimate the cost of maintaining your existing retails savings balances. Estimate the additional interest expense you would occur to maintain competitive parity
  • Estimate the potential for balance growth and incremental funding cost by adopting an aggressive stance
  • Test the viability of adopting a ‘lagging’ pricing strategy by estimating the impact of matching competitor moves after 1 to 6 month delay.

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