The Nomis Index Portfolio Impact Modeler for Savings provides a high-level estimate of your deposits run-off risk based on publicly available data and our proprietary pricing science, but you might still be wondering:

  • Exactly how susceptible is my portfolio to run-off and re-pricing risk in a rising rate environment?
  • Which of my customers or segments have the highest price-sensitive flight risk?
  • What strategies can I deploy to retain balances from key customers or segments as rates rise?

The more precise answer to these questions lies in your portfolio data. A Portfolio Risk Analysis uses Nomis Scoring methodology to help you extract a full characterization of your customer price sensitivity, including a quantified dollar value of the balances and net income at-risk. Leveraging these insights, our deposits experts can deliver actionable solutions for mitigating these risks in alignment with your strategic goals for balances, profitability, and stability.

A customized Portfolio Risk Analysis brings together Nomis’ global experience in helping banks manage over $1.3 trillion in deposit balances through rising, falling and flat interest rate cycles, 10+ years of cutting-edge analytical R&D in customer behavior and price response, and the powerful, customer-level Nomis Scoring methodology to deliver timely and actionable insights.

Within just a few weeks, our team of seasoned deposits analytics experts will collaborate with you to:

  1. Quantify and report the price-sensitivity, surge balances, and balances/income at risk at the portfolio and micro-segment-level under key future scenarios
  2. Identify your high-risk customers/accounts or customer segments based on the proprietary Nomis Scoring methodology
  3. Develop an analytically driven pricing playbook to navigate likely scenarios in the new interest rate cycle.


Portfolio Risk Analysis