Tagging and Snapshotting AWS EBS volumes

By Elvis Taghu

At Nomis Solutions we manage a couple of AWS accounts and wanted to take snapshots of all our EBS volumes and also have retention policies.

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Write Performance of Mongo 2.6 vs Mongo 3.0 (WiredTiger)

By Rob Tan

MongoDB recently released v3.0 of their database server with a new storage engine called WiredTiger. WiredTiger performs document-level locking
during writes touting to offer a huge improvement over locks on the entire database or collection in the previous 2.6 version. We were curious to know how significant the performance gains would be compared to the previous version, so we wrote a couple of tests...

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Why 'R' is Awesome!

By Caner Gocmen

Even though we have historically been SAS users here at Nomis, we have been transitioning more and more into R over the last couple of years. In this blog post I will discuss what makes R such a great tool from our perspective.

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