OnDemand Webcast

2020 has completely upended how we work and do business. Already, we’ve seen changes in how customers are interacting with banks and lenders and more importantly, we’ve seen changes in their expectations. With all that’s going on, lenders are having to change themselves in order to meet demand.

What do we know? Everyone is smarter. With the constant digitization of the industry, consumers are shopping for loans armed with much more knowledge than ever before. We also know loyalty is dead. Pricing is the new king. So how can lenders adapt?

Find out in our webinar where industry experts from Nomis Solutions and Sales Boomerang discuss the hand that 2020 dealt us and the implications of these changes for 2021.

Key Objectives:

  • Examine how consumers shop for a loan, what drives their choices, and how behavior changed in 2020.
  • Discuss observations with regard to changing customer behavior and how lenders are responding.
  • How can you identify profitable opportunities in attractive markets that align with your strategy?
  • How can you change now to be ready for continued growth in the future, no matter the market?
  • Be among the first to get a first-hand look at how leading lenders are arming their loan officers with real-time, actionable data that wins for the customer – and your institution.