nSight for Mortgage

Do you set your margins monthly? Weekly? Daily? What if you had the Business Intelligence to see the competitive landscape at any moment? And what if you had access to this insight without any data leaving your institution and no required installation?

Now you do.

Get ahead of your competition with insights into market trends, competitive moves and pricing opportunities in your markets - all at your fingertips. 

The Nomis Lending nSight Dashboard displays:

  • Market information about your competition’s pricing strategies in real-time
  • Channel by channel pricing discrepancies
  • Who is playing where and when
  • How the market is pricing LLPAs, geographies, products, loan sizes, and where you are in and out of the market in every pricing cell in real time

The future of pricing is knowing the best action to take at any time.

See what real-time insight can do for your financial institution. Start your free trial of nSight for Mortgage today.

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