nSight for Deposits

Making good decisions about your deposit portfolio requires quick insights, and we’re building a new tool that can help you decide where to adjust pricing, where to spend marketing dollars, what to do about competitor pricing moves, and where to attack new market opportunities.

Data Heavy and Insights Rich

To solve such a complex set of problems we’re analyzing a lot of data. Use nSight for Deposits to understand the rate sensitivity, the supply of deposit dollars, and the intensity of competition for every zip code, MSA, state, and region in the USA.

Don’t waste another dollar trying to grow deposits

Pricing is what moves the needle fastest, and creating a competitive advantage in your pricing tactics can save you millions of dollars in interest expense.

nSight for deposits will help you:

  • Evaluate regional pricing strategies
  • Focus marketing dollars on the right audience
  • Understand and successfully pursue new markets
  • Tame aggregator sites
  • And more

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