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Nomis Deal Manager is a configurable, sales guidance and enablement solution that increases customer-centricity in all channels. By delivering customer intelligence to the front line, Nomis Deal Manager enables consistent, personalized pricing and offer presentment that results in a win-win for the client and the bank, whether the client prefers to interact with the bank via branch, call center, digital, or a combination. Bankers can create, present, and track offers throughout the sales cycle, crowdsource competitive intelligence, and track KPIs within a centralized interface configured specifically to their needs. NDM’s flexible and configurable architecture supports integration with other bank systems, in addition to the ability to obtain optimized rates derived using Nomis Price Optimizer

Offer Comparison and Presentment

By closing the gap between back office analytics and front-line customer engagement, Nomis Deal Manager equips reps and online interactions with sales guidance that delivers on the promise of right product, right customer, right price, and right channel. Personalized, in-the-moment pricing and offers (and offer comparisons) are more likely to be accepted, creating value for the client and the bank. And Nomis Deal Manager’s omni-channel capabilities allow clients to launch an application in one channel and seamlessly complete it in another.

Pricing Exception Management

With consumers expecting everything to be Internet-speed, any delay increases the risk that a customer will go to another bank or alternative financial service. Nomis Deal Manager provides reps with the clarity they need to understand what decisions or counter offers they are authorized to make on their own and which have to go through an exception process. Nomis Deal Manager facilitates faster decision making through a streamlined pricing exception workflow process aimed at driving higher customer satisfaction and higher conversion. For bankers with pricing discretion, Nomis Deal Manager provides bank-approved target and floor rates based on customer intelligence, so front-line reps have confidence when serving their clients.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Banks have historically lacked visibility into front-line offers, but Nomis Deal Manager offers robust reporting and intuitive views throughout the process. Every offer presented to the customer is captured, as well as the customer response to the offer, and available to the back office and front-line management teams across all channels. When used in conjunction with Nomis Price Optimizer, this data about consumer responses can be used to further refine the price optimization models and make them even more accurate. Bankers can also view the KPI impact of customer offers at the channel, branch, or rep level within Nomis Deal Manager, to provide immediate insight into performance.

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Nomis Deal Manager is part of a comprehensive suite of advanced decision-support and front-line pricing solutions for retail bank deposits, mortgage, and lending.