Analyze & Optimize

A fundamental pillar of the Nomis Platform, Nomis Price Optimizer answers the most critical question of portfolio pricing: what is the optimal price for my product given my strategic goals and constraints? The most-used pricing solution in retail banking, Nomis Price Optimizer's optimization and forecasting engine enables banks to create best-in-class, closed-looped analytics tailored to the unique needs and portfolio goals of virtually any line of businessPrice sensitive demand, behavioral, and profitability modeling is fueled by transaction, customer, macroeconomic, and competitor data to manage goals and constraints across hundreds or even thousands of pricing cells. 

Price Optimization & Strategic Price Setting

With Nomis pricing science, bankers optimize rate sheets, discretion boundaries, and promotional campaigns. Unique features such as dynamic accuracy and active recalibration ensure that the analytical models provide easy-to-use visibility and agility to provide the most reliable and timely results possible. Nomis’ Efficient Frontier provides a visualization of the optimal trade-offs between volume (amount / balance) and profits (NIBT, etc.) based on a series of optimized pricing scenarios.

Forecasting & Scenario Analysis

Nomis Price Optimizer empowers decision making and contingency planning with robust simulation tools that predict not only customer behavior but also the impact of changes in proposed pricing tactics and/or business, competitive and market assumptions on portfolio results. Bankers can run virtually countless “what-if” scenarios to thoroughly explore possible responses to market variables, such as changes in interest rates by the central banking authority or competitors. Nomis Price Optimizer also empowers bankers to forecast outcomes based on historical trends to better understand customer behavior and the impact on similar products in the bank’s retail portfolio.

Historical Portfolio Analysis

Bankers who use Nomis Price Optimizer make better portfolio management decisions because they have visibility into their internal and external sources of balance growth. With this understanding of opportunities and threats, bankers can take action to build and protect their portfolios. To ensure that the banker is on track to achieve their goals, Nomis’ comprehensive reporting suite makes it simple to monitor results and share them as part of the internal reporting process.

Nomis Price Optimizer
for Deposits

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Nomis Price Optimizer
for Home Equity Lending

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Super-regional Bank Grows Portfolio with Nomis Price Optimizer

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Nomis Price Optimizer is part of a comprehensive platform of advanced decision-support and front-line pricing solutions for retail bank deposits, mortgage, and lending.