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$1.3 Trillion+ moore deposit balances managed

Price Optimization Solutions for Deposits

Checking and savings accounts are a critical source of the funds you need to feed your loans pricing models. When rates move, customers move balances. When rates move erratically, well, you get the idea.

With Nomis bank price optimization software, you can deploy highly sophisticated and agile deposit pricing that helps you reach your volume and margin goals and the certainty you need to beat your forecast.

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Price Optimization Solutions for Lending

If you lead a lending portfolio, you know that no two customers are alike. They all have different life circumstances, bank with you for different reasons, and exhibit different behaviors in their interactions with you. So why do so many banks barely vary the price?

Traditionally, it’s been hard to deploy agile and sophisticated pricing with fine-grained segmentation. Nomis makes it easy to deliver the right price to the right segment, giving people what they expect without giving away the store. Consumers and banks both win as loan performance grows.

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Increased net interest margin (NIM) by an average of 1.10% annually.
>3:1 Faster market adoption win ratio in North America

Price Optimization Solutions for Mortgages

Big dollars equal big risk. It makes us all more conservative. What if you could price the right people more aggressively to be more competitive? We combine your transaction data with third-party sources to help you segment your mortgage buyers based on price sensitivity and find the right balance to help you win against your competition.

Deploying sophisticated customer-aware segmentation for your mortgage portfolio leveraging big data is easily in reach with Nomis Price Optimization for Mortgages. See how you can improve your mortgage portfolio results now.

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It’s easier than you think. If you are like most banks, decision makers stand in line for the data or analysis to make key decisions. We take that hassle away. We’ll get your data ship-shape; we’ll work with your modelers to lock in category-winning models everyone will be proud of; and we’ll give portfolio managers and pricing professionals the power to predict what will happen based on price sensitivity in software they control and come up with winning pricing. This isn’t hard, but to move fast, you need help. That’s what we’re here for. Get Started »



Price optimization that helps you deploy sophisticated pricing based on price sensitivity to ensure that you reach your goals is easier than ever with Nomis SaaS solutions. Sign up for your free assessment today and we’ll show you how you can knock next quarter out of the park and lock in consistent growth that outperforms your peer group.

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