Nomis Deal Manager (NDM) is a configurable cloud-based pricing execution and negotiation solution for the front-line that enables banks and financial institutions to protect margins and minimize revenue leakage. Using a standard browser, front-line banking representatives have all the information they need to understand the offers available for a customer as well as understand the impact each choice has on the customer, bank and individual commission. marketing_collateral_icons_infographic.png View Infographic »

Deal Manager Negotiation
  • Multiple offers for the same opportunity
  • Display important offer-level KPI’s
  • Integrates with CRM/CIS systems
Deal Manager Offer List and History

Captures negotiation and offer data and actions so that they can be analyzed to improve pricing and opportunity conversion.

  • All columns and tabs configurable by role
  • Searching, sorting, and filtering
  • Opportunity archiving


  • Opportunity Tracking: NDM collects and tracks every offer and decision for all opportunities, including lost opportunities. This allows banks to analyze opportunity data to identify potential ares for recalibration and increase the predictive power of take-up models with the ultimate goal of minimizing lost opportunities and increasing market share without sacrificing profitability.

  • Discretion Policies Adherence: NDM can be configured to support bank discretion policies, whether they are based on product characteristics, business rules, user roles, or any combination of variables. NDM optimizes the use of discretionary dollars by supporting discretion ranges or limits as prescribed by the bank. This ensures that salespeople only offer and book rates that comply with the bank’s discretion policy and individual authority ranges.

  • Price Sensitivity: NDM uses price sensitivity information to provide customer-specific guidance to the sales force so that they only offer discretion when necessary. This helps front-line banking representatives, who are oftentimes more price sensitive than their customers, understand potential customer behavior.  This enables bank representatives to provide better service and maximize the overall customer experience.

  • Complex Pricing Schemes: The NDM execution engine supports even the most complex pricing schemes, yet provides a simple and intuitive user interface that doesn't distract banking representatives from providing an outstanding customer experience. As banks implement increasingly complex pricing and more granular segmentation, NDM can be relied on to deliver dynamic and real-time pricing to the front-line in a transparent manner, so that the banking representatives are able to focus on the customer with the assurance that the rates are fair and correct.

  • Offer Presentment: NDM provides support for multiple offers for a single customer or opportunity. This allows the bank representatives to present customers with offers for different products, terms, and product options (e.g., cashback), as well as different rates, all on one screen. NDM can also be configured to automatically expire unaccepted offers with rates that are no longer valid. This prohibits users from accepting offers with rates that are no longer available.
  • Pricing Exception Workflow: NDM has a built-in pricing exception workflow to manage exceptions in a streamlined and consistent approach, enabling banks to tightly control and analyze the pricing exception process and minimize margin erosion. Pricing exceptions can be configured to support various pricing escalation structures and levels. NDM also has the ability to integrate with external pricing exception workflow systems.

  • Sales Incentives: NDM can be configured to calculate and display real-time sales incentives (or commission) for each offer or rate. This enables banks to incentivize the sales force to reduce margin erosion and negotiate better, because when banking representatives understand how discretion impacts their sales incentives, they are less willing to give away all of the bank’s margin. Automatically tracking each negotiation allows management to easily identify the practices of top performers and use their methods in coaching, training, and incentive activities to develop a more effective sales force.

  • Role Based Security: NDM has role-based security, which allows for permissions and information to vary based on the role of the user or the authority of specific users. The number and types of roles are configurable based on bank policies. The bank controls who is allowed or denied access customer data, ensuring employees only see the information they need to perform their jobs.

  • Translations: NDM includes standard labels for sections, fields, and buttons; however, a powerful translation layer gives banks the option of specifying their own terminology. This same translation layer is used to provide support for foreign languages, including multiple languages supported within a single instance of NDM.

  • Customer Dashboard: NDM includes a dashboard view, wherein users can view all of their customers and prospective customers. The configurable dashboard allows employees to search for customers and sort and filter results (subject to role-based security settings).

  • Dashboard Metrics: NDM supports the presentation of overall KPI’s on the Customer Dashboard, which can include items like peer performance comparison, performance-to-target measurements, and current pipeline information.

  • Integration: As part of the Nomis Pricing and Profitability Management Suite, NDM has pre-configured interfaces to other Nomis products and is designed to simplify and streamline integration with other bank and third-party systems.
    • NDM is pre-integrated with the Nomis Price Optimizer (NPO) for obtaining rate tables and discretion policies, as well as to provide data back to NPO for rate recalibration.
    • NDM has a pre-configured interface to the Nomis Customer Portfolio Optimizer (CPO) for renewal offer presentment and campaign management.
    • Customer and product information may originate in an external Client Relationship Management (CRM) or Customer Information System (CIS). NDM supports obtaining information from such systems for the purpose of initiating a pricing discussion via a standard integration process.
    • NDM can be integrated with a bank’s single sign-on (SSO) framework for the purpose of authenticating users and user authority.
    • NDM can be configured to interface with a bank’s fulfillment system for booking and fulfillment purposes. NDM supports fulfillment system integration via a standard integration process.
  • Reporting: The NDM reporting suite and framework provides key insights to improve sales strategy, deal profitability, and the overall sales process. Key insights include detailed win/loss analysis, efficiency and policy adherence, ongoing performance analysis, and trend analysis of customer preferences, which gives banks an understanding of the impact of competitive pressures.

Why Nomis?

Nomis Solutions brings Silicon Valley innovation to retail banks. We help our customers assess their portfolios and price their loans, mortgages, and deposits based on risk at a segment level, economic factors, regulations, and customer preferences & behavior. We lead the market by solving tough problems with big data, modeling, and predictive analytics through SaaS solutions, thought leadership, and strategic consultation. With experience in over 75 implementations, Nomis optimizes $1 trillion in banking transactions and returns $300,000,000 to its customers every year in an environment that is increasingly competitive, highly disruptive, and facing rising interest rates.

Key Capabilities 

  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Discretion Policy Adherence
  • Price Sensitivity Insight
  • Complex Pricing Scheme Support
  • Offer Presentment
  • Pricing Exception Workflow
  • Sales Incentive Awareness
  • Role-Based Security
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Integration
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard Metrics

Real-Time Banking for Nomis Deal Management

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Real-Time Banking for Nomis Deal Management

Improve Sales Effectiveness Through Omnichannel Offer Presentment

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Nomis Deal Manager is part of a comprehensive suite of advanced decision-support and frontline pricing solutions for retail banking.