Top banks report that when rates rise, deposit run-off could be between 5 and 11% of their portfolios.


If you’re a deposits portfolio owner, you have a lot of pressure. You are the fuel that feeds the bank. You also have a huge impact on profitability based on the price you pay for balances.

Nomis Price Optimizer for Deposits is all about helping you balance growth and profitability by: 

  • Better understanding your customers
  • Leveraging the best and freshest possible data
  • Making better decisions aligned with your portfolio objectives

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Nomis is the only software-based price optimization solution that arms you with both the insights and agility to make the right decision at the right time.
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84% of US deposits professionals who aren't using customer rate-sensitivity already, want to.

Price optimization for deposits includes the following key steps:

Step 1

Your team extracts your historical portfolio data which we make as fast and painless as possible.

Step 2

Our data analysts normalize your data to get it ready for use.

Step 3

We mix in industry competitor data, either from your bank or our 3rd party sources.

Step 4

We incorporate your portfolio goals to be used in measuring performance.

Step 5

Your coarse-grained pricing segments are enhanced through deeper insights into customer behavior.

Step 6

Our analysis and modeling identifies a complete spectrum of the price sensitivity of your customer base to allow you to predict their behavior.

Step 7

You develop pricing strategies based on projected portfolio impacts.

 Step 8

We then continually refresh key data inputs and tune models to in-market results so you are always prepared to outmaneuver your competitors.

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$1.3 Trillion+ deposit balances managed


Unlike toolkits or pure consulting, Nomis provides a complete solution that helps you:

  • Get smarter to drive optimal deposit portfolio decisions
  • Execute faster by utilizing fresh market information and customer insights
  • Drive better results with a proven pricing approach

We are there for you from start to finish and are designed from top to bottom to help you succeed with dedicated customer success, on-demand advisory hours, and unlimited product support.

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Next Steps

We’d like to explain how our deposit solutions could serve your specific bank needs. This begins with a quick assessment of what you are doing today, and a discussion of how price optimization help you use a data-driven pricing approach to achieve your growth and profit objectives.

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