A Disciplined Approach to Identifying Customer Value

The Nomis Platform provides an end-to-end solution for managing deposit portfolio performance by leveraging a granular understanding of customer value and behaviors to create customer-centric pricing and offers. Banks can attract, retain, and augment saving behaviors through our disciplined pricing approach and repeatable and transparent processes, including integrated rate and model management. Our superior reporting capabilities are configurable to a variety of needs from visualizing the balance waterfall/flow of funds to developing executive dashboards to monitor portfolio performance.


Analyze & Optimize

Nomis' comprehensive portfolio reporting and analytics include the ability to forecast holistic portfolio performance over periods of up to three years by leveraging predictive models and market inputs. Banks use the Nomis platform to simulate  the impact of various bank and competitor strategies on balance, net interest income, and other KPIs and determine the optimal combination of price changes across portfolio segments to achieve strategic goals. Continuous model monitoring and integrated recalibration ensure that models maintain/improve accuracy even as customer behaviors and market conditions change, and monitoring routines that look for evolving customer behaviors, finding pockets of rate sensitivity even when models don't show a granular rate sensitivity.


Manage & Execute

As banks become more customer-centric, getting new optimized rates into the market quickly and confidently is essential. Nomis helps bankers operationalize their rate strategies by integrating into core rate systems as well as support price list manipulations, overlay pricing rules, and apply customer lifetime value and bundling considerations to ensure that bankers and clients have fast access to personalized pricing and offers. 


Present & Finalize

Portfolio-specific pricing generally falls short of client needs, but Nomis' holistic approach delivers in-the-moment, customer-centric offers across products and channels. With access to real-time customer intelligence always available, bankers can have more effective guided sales conversations that deliver more value to the customer, including complex bundling, exception handling, and market-specific discretion management capabilities. Data about these client interactions is captured at the source and used to improve the ongoing accuracy of the models that analyze and optimize prices.

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