Delivering next-generation deposits management, now.



Delight your customers in new ways

Winning more customers and deepening your share-of-wallet requires an exceptional experience that can deliver deposit pricing that is specific to a customer’s history and loyalty, whether in the branch, through the call center, or online.



Limit your resources

Implementing a customer-centric approach to pricing can be a monumental undertaking.  Technology resources are hard to secure, internal projects require substantial overhead expense, and legacy systems aren’t built to handle the complexity of pricing scenarios. Nomis will help you overcome all these obstacles faster and cheaper than most in-house development.


Stay ahead of your competitors

Give your customers a deposit rate that considers their entire, individualized pricing, and keep your cost of funds ultra-competitive. With Nomis, you can manage your deposit pricing schemas faster than you ever thought possible with graphical user interfaces, backed by cloud computing and real-time API connections to your systems.



Don’t waste another dollar trying to grow your deposit portfolio

Why does your customer choose your institution? Better service? Technology? Brand? More branches? While all important to implement – will they help you at this very minute? 

nSight for Deposits provides banks and credit unions the ability to determine where to compete on price and how intensely. We use a proprietary blend of scores based on millions of customers and billions of financial transactions to calculate, at the zip code level, the information that is foundational to answer the three biggest questions behind most growth-related decisions.


How sensitive is a particular market to a rate change?   
How many deposit dollars are available in that market?
How dense is the competition for deposit dollars is within that market?


With the right insight, anything can happen in a moment. Are you ready?

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The Nomis Platform

Solve pricing across your organization to deliver a personalized, in-the-moment customer experience

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The Nomis Platform

Solve pricing across your organization to deliver a personalized, in-the-moment customer experience.

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