Banks are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they price. For example, in Canada there are a series of stages though to get to optimal pricing that represents the pricing journey. Load and click through the Prezi (automated online presentation) below to see the stages of the journey and what you can expect at each stage as you deploy more intelligent pricing.

Integrated Pricing Management from Nomis brings together the concepts of price creation and optimization, retention management, offer presentment, and discretion management into a single solution that can help banks maximize returns. This solution is rolled out in phases aligned with what stage a bank is at in its pricing journey. Use the presentation above to determine where you are in the pricing journey. When you are ready to get started in moving to the next phase, please contact us to let us share with you how Nomis and IPM can help.

Why Nomis?

Nomis Solutions brings Silicon Valley innovation to retail banks. We help our customers assess their portfolios and price their loans, mortgages, and deposits based on risk at a segment level, economic factors, regulations, and customer preferences & behavior. We lead the market by solving tough problems with big data, modeling, and predictive analytics through SaaS solutions, thought leadership, and strategic consultation. With experience in over 75 implementations, Nomis optimizes $1trillion in banking transactions and returns $300,000,000 to its customers every year in an environment that is increasingly competitive, highly disruptive, and facing rising interest rates.

Key Points

  • Each stage has different tools and different expected outcomes
  • You need to know what stage your bank is at and how you can get to the next stage

The Real Lives of the Overbanked

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Solution Brief

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Integrated Pricing Management from Nomis is part of a comprehensive suite of advanced decision-support and frontline pricing solutions for retail banking.