Welcome to Lending's New Normal

Stop waiting for a steeper yield curve - it's time to adapt.



Banks today struggle with achieving a winning customer experience without sacrificing profit goals

Intensifying competition and macro-economic pressures can cause you to focus on short-term gains instead of long-term customer satisfaction and cutting-edge technology. Nomis can show you how to escape this trap and provide solutions to delight your customer base and drive results. Happier customers create deeper and more profitable customer relationships. The key is knowing how to invest your gains into smart, adaptive technology to ensure you are achieving ongoing customer value creation.



Lending executives are worried that their stretched tech resources are not delivering the outcomes they need

Implementing a customer-centric approach to pricing can be a monumental undertaking. Technology resources are hard to secure, internal projects require substantial overhead expense, and legacy systems aren’t built to handle the complexity of pricing scenarios. Nomis will help you overcome all these obstacles faster and more efficiently than in-house development with the advantage of our proven expertise.



The challenge is to get ahead of the curve in the face of intensifying competition

Technology spending is increasing across all lenders. Don’t make the mistake of exclusively focusing on pretty front-end systems. Without back end pricing optimization and modeling, your front end is serving your customs the same bland generic pricing as your competitors. Give your customers a rate that considers their entire relationship, create individualized pricing, while keeping your cost ultra-competitive. Gone are the days of having to worry about the tradeoff between yield and volume, let us help you optimize by pricing with more granularity and sophistication.



Optimize, Optimize, Optimize!

When margins tighten and competition increases there is less of the pie to go around. The legacy method of raising rates to free up capacity and lowering rates to get volume is behind us. The new frontier is continually analyzing data and adjusting pricing to take advantage of competitive gaps in the market. Has the market overpriced 5/1 ARM re-fi’s at 740 FICO, 70 CLTV loans, and open an opportunity for you? Have they underpriced 15 Year fixed purchase 800 FICO 60 LTV loans beyond where you can compete and you should just widen out and enjoy the extra gain? Changes happen daily by channel. Get the insights to price in real time and hit your goals with ease.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Take Advantage of Time Sensitive Market Opportunities - Your Competition Already Is

What if you had the insight to understand your competition’s pricing strategy real-time coupled with the ability to react and change your own margins as needed based on that knowledge? Put away the Magic 8 Ball….you now have that power at your fingertips.

The nSight for Mortgage dashboard calls out market opportunities in the moment for intra-day margin moves that will help you get ahead of the competition – and stay ahead.

•  Real time updates on competitors pricing
•  Channel specific pricing differentials and how they change throughout the day
•  Knowing where and when to take advantage of market arbitrage opportunities


With the right insight, anything can happen in a moment. Are you ready?
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The Nomis Platform

Solve pricing across your organization to deliver a personalized, in-the-moment customer experience

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The Nomis Platform

Solve pricing across your organization to deliver a personalized, in-the-moment customer experience.

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