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Let’s face it, if you are in charge of lending at a bank, you are responsible for deploying assets and driving most of the profit. It’s a very high pressure, high stakes job, especially with rate increases looming, where if you are off just a small amount it can have huge consequences.

At Nomis, we are all about helping you beat forecast. At different times and different stages of growth you may want to optimize for share or profit. We can help with both. Nomis Price Optimizer can be applied to home equity loans and lines of credit, unsecured personal lending and auto lending for a complete solution to optimize all of your lending products. Nomis also offers solutions for Mortgages.

For each lending product, Nomis helps you identify customer sensitivity that lets you put winning rates into the market and capture the share and price you want leveraging transaction, competitor, and market data for leading industry sources such as Icon Advisory.

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Nomis offers three solutions to help you achieve your lending goals.


Nomis Price Optimizer helps you set the best possible market pricing to achieve your goals by helping you better understand the sensitivities of your segments. With this knowledge, you no longer have to guess what your customers will do when you take a price action.

86% agree that predictive analytics would have a beneficial impact for their organization
Nomis helps you... increase average profitability with risk constraints by 12%


Lending is operating capital for the lives of the people you loan to. This on-going credit can be a source of profit for you and a source of comfort for your customers for many years to come. They will, however, need different products at each life or financial stage.

The challenge is truly understanding your customers. We can help you understand what they need and how willing they are to pay for what you are offering with clear insights based on actual data.

How do we do this?  We introspect what these customers actually do rather than speculate to deliver an accurate, fact-based forecast of what they will do in the future.

This means that whether you are offering a new product or retaining existing customers you'll know how they will respond allowing you to accurately model outcomes.


Discretion is something we dont talk about in every corner of the banking industry, but it is happening everywhere. Therefore you really need to take pricing excellence to the front lines. The price points you want to achieve really need to be systematized to ensure front line staff are achieving the results you intend within acceptable parameters.

Nomis Deal Manager gives you:

  • The ability to set and enforce discretion limits
  • The power to put new offers in market in real time
  • The insight to understand why you are winning and why you are losing
  • The context to make front line staff better closers

The Nomis lending solutions not only improve processes, they improve results by making all of your projections more accurate and every transaction more informed.

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Nomis helps you... increase originations and drive a 5% NPV gain
71% of millennials believe that their relationship with their banks is transactional rather that relationship-driven


Pricing managers in the past have relied on trial and error to get to the right mix of profit and growth for their lending portfolios. Trial and error without control, though, wastes cycle time.

Nomis lending solutions give you:

  • The ability to run and choose from multiple in-depth scenarios
  • The certainty of fact-based growth and profit projections
  • Big data insights that accurately predict customer behavior
  • Real feedback for why you close mortgages and why you don't
  • The ability to change your mortgage offers very quickly

Nomis adds certainty to your strategy for your mortgage portfolio, a critical driver of your business.

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We’d like to explain how our lending solutions could serve your specific bank needs. This begins with a quick assessment of what you are doing today to determine how price optimization can help you consistently beat your forecast. View all lending collateral »

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