A Customer-centric Approach

For most consumers, financing a home is their most important financial decision, as well as one of the most emotionally driven ones. By taking a customer-centric approach to residential loan pricing and offer presentment, banks have the opportunity to build loyalty by demonstrating value as a trusted adviser and increase originations and renewals. Nomis helps banks improve the performance of mortgage and home equity lending portfolios with pricing and offer presentment that anticipate customer preferences and adapt quickly to changing and geographically diverse market environments. Unlike other solutions, Nomis connects this back-office customer and market intelligence to front-line execution by empowering advisers with the insights they need to understand customer value perception and achieve sales objectives.


Analyze & Optimize

Banks use Nomis pricing science to reliably inform pricing decisions that reflect customer value perception and market conditions, including regional differences, and align with strategic goals. In markets with pricing discretion, banks use Nomis to determine optimal target and floor rates and predict the impact on margins and volume. Predictive analytics and what-if scenarios deliver insights that help bankers prepare for changes in market and customer behavior and identify untapped potential within the residential lending portfolio.


Manage & Execute

A bank that isn’t equipped to operationalize pricing and offer strategies isn't positioned to get the full value from an optimized rate sheet. Nomis applies bank-specific rules to optimized rate sheets to streamline time-to-market and assure consistency and control. Banks can leverage deep customer behavioral segmentation to match customers to the right offers at the right time to increase sales and customer satisfaction.


Present & Finalize

Nomis enables customer-centric sales conversations by bringing all of the analytical customer and market intelligence to residential lending advisors in any channel. Armed with an understanding of customer preferences and needs as well as market conditions (such as competitor rates), front-line employees can quickly provide pricing and offers and achieve sales objectives. When there is pricing discretion, advisors have clear guidance when presenting the rate, including target and floor rates. For exception pricing, Nomis provides an automated workflow that speeds approvals and provides process visibility.

Choice-based Mortgage      Pricing

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Optimize Front-line Performance with Discretionary Pricing

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