Much of the world operates with mortgages that expire after relatively short durations. The challenge for banks is that each of these transitions could result in losing a customer and losing market share. What to offer a customer in the first place is challenging enough without the complexity of understanding their sensitivity to the 3rd or 4th mortgage term with you.

You may also have terms or other factors that affect your close rate that you aren’t aware of.

Nomis provides a complete price optimization solution for mortgages in markets with term mortgages and/or front line discretion. We help you measure the sensitivity of your segments and price accordingly. We can then help you put the right price in the market at the right time to win that customer back every time. We can also help you manage discretion at the moment of truth in the branch or in the call center to make sure your pricing strategy plays out according to plan.

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Nomis offers three solutions to help you achieve your mortgage goals.


Nomis Price Optimizer helps you set the best possible market pricing to achieve your goals by helping you better understand the sensitivities of your mortgage segments. With this knowledge, you no longer have to guess what your customers will do when you take a price action.


A mortgage is one of the most important relationships a customer has with a bank, but in some countries, it can also be the most fleeting. To keep your best customers, you need to know what they care about and put rates and terms in front of them that make sense.

Nomis can help you both promote the right offers and manage churn by helping you understand what customers care about and what they’ll respond to.

Nomis mortgage solutions help you... increase NIM without balance loss by 6bps


For mortgages where discretion is involved, you really need to take pricing excellence to the front lines. The intentions you have for the price points you want to achieve really need to be systematized to ensure front line staff are achieving the results you intend.

Nomis Deal Manager gives you:

  • The ability to set and enforce discretion limits
  • The power to put new offers in market in real time
  • The insight to understand why you are winning and why you are losing
  • The context to make front line staff better closers

The Nomis mortgage solutions not only improve processes, they improve results by making all of your mortgage relationships more loyal and every transaction more informed.

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Mortgage portfolios are the bread and butter of a bank. In environments where mortgage contracts expire or reset, big profit risk is introduced. When you add front line discretion, there can be big swings between what is intended and what happens.

Nomis lending solutions give you:

  • The certainty of fact-based growth and profit projections
  • Big data insights that accurately predict customer behavior
  • Real feedback why you close mortgages and why you don’t
  • The ability to change your mortgage offers very quickly 

Nomis adds certainty to a critical revenue driver of your business.

Next Steps

Next Steps

We’d like to show you what price optimization could do for your mortgage portfolio. Let us show you how the certainty of price optimization will ensure you beat forecast. View all mortgage collateral »


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