Nomis Solutions Expands Offer Intelligence Solution to Increase Banks’ Sales Effectiveness

The Winter Release of Nomis Deal Manager helps banks overcome market uncertainty by better understanding and responding to customers needs.

Offer Intelligence

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Access customer data, competitive offers, and available rates for one or more products.

Pricing Adherence

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Easily view offer history and track how well discretionary pricing adheres to target rates.

Peer Benchmarking

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Compare offer volumes to goals and benchmark performance against peers.

Nomis Deal Manager

When it comes to business results, using analytics to develop compelling pricing and offers is just a starting point. To achieve “right place, right time, right channel” customer engagement that drives sales, banks need to empower their customer-facing interactions with offer intelligence.

In the US, for instance, the Fed’s signals that there may be more interest rates increases in the coming months underscore the need for customer-centric solutions. In this uncertain environment, banks will require sales effectiveness to face the challenges of expanding margins while improving the customer experience to prevent attrition. The latest release of Nomis Deal Manager focuses on providing the intelligence salespeople need to provide personalized banking interactions and the visibility management and regulators need to ensure appropriate oversight.

New features in the Winter Release of Deal Manager include:

  • Improved multi-channel support for better customer experience. Customers often interact with a bank via multiple channels for the same transaction. When information about customer offers and offer history is inconsistent across branch, call center, mobile advisor, and broker interactions, banks can lose customers. Frustration and delays create opportunities for competitors. Nomis Deal Manager ensures a seamless customer experience across channels by creating a common, easy-to-use repository of customer offer intelligence. For example, a call center representative can use this information to resume and complete a customer transaction initiated in the branch.
  • Enhanced product bundling capabilities. Deeper banking relationships and customer loyalty are based on more than a single product. To be seen as a financial partner, bankers have to be able to be able to help customers make decisions based on a holistic view of their product mix. The latest release of Nomis Deal Manager enables front-line advisors to review multiple loans per offer, either within the same product line or different ones, to identify the best way to meet customer needs. For instance, an advisor can review the impact of available offers across mortgage and HELOC products.
  • New dashboard reports to track progress more effectively. Timely and relevant feedback is critical for helping advisors and managers monitor sales effectiveness. These on-demand reports allow bankers to better understand performance and view how they are tracking against overall sales/profitability targets as well as against their peers at the individual, branch, or regional level. When deploying dashboard reports, banks can configure the reports to reflect their specific KPIs as well as how and with whom the information is shared.
  • Workflow improvements to increase sales efficiency. Delays increase the risk that customers will choose to work with another bank. Nomis has completely re-vamped Deal Manager’s user interface and workflow to make it even easier and faster for front-line representatives to streamline the customer experience. Among the changes is an improved view of approval criteria so that advisors can immediately set the right expectations with customers. Nomis has also re-designed the rate slider that allows representatives to see at a glance what rates a customer is eligible for.
  • Automated audit trails for compliance visibility. Fairness is an essential responsibility of banks, but few banks have a robust record of interactions around customer offers. Not only does Deal Manager track all available offers, it also documents what specific offers/counteroffers were made to the customer and if the offers were declined, accepted, under consideration, or expired. Banks can make this audit trail available to regulators to answer important questions and monitor their own compliance. 

When used in conjunction with Nomis Price Optimizer, Deal Manager connects back-office pricing science with front-line execution. This powerful combination ensures that complex pricing decisions can be readily implemented in customer-facing interactions. In addition, Nomis Deal Manager collects data that can help inform and improve the accuracy of pricing analytics, creating a continuous improvement loop that helps banks become increasingly competitive over time.

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