Who We Serve

Nomis Solutions' analytics platform and end-to-end pricing help retail banks achieve customer-centric pricing with granular insights delivered throughout your entire institution.

14k+ bankers
10 of the top 20 North American banks
$2.5 trillion+ in assets and liabilities
$1 billion+ in cumulative profits generated
A pricing decision every 40ms

What We've Seen

In an ever-evolving industry, these challenges are paramount...

Pressure to reliably meet targets
How can I reach my goals regardless of market fluctuations, unpredictable corporate challenges and competing internal dynamics?
Not knowing where I am leaving money on the table
What constraints can I relax that will deliver results without sacrificing competing objectives?
Rigid systems impede execution of customer centric offers
Is there a better way I can deliver personalized offers faster?
Inconsistency of my front line presenting the right offer at the right time
How can I achieve greater visibility and influence to ensure we are meeting customer expectations?
Increasing number of exceptions to my standard pricing due to competitive pressures
Streamline and automate the exception workflow through AI
Inability to explain or react to why we lose
How can I feed insights back to the business to continuously get better?
Knowing which opportunity will meaningfully move the business forward
Rank order pricing opportunities based on profit and volume potential

Nomis Solutions Benefits

Guaranteed Outcomes
Meet your growth and profit objectives
Elevated Customer Experience
Attract and retain customers with a tailored offer at every touchpoint
Empowered Employees
Enable your team with insights, improved pricing and flexibility

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