Accenture Makes Minority Investment in and Forms Strategic Alliance with Nomis

Strategic alliance and minority investment extend Accenture’s analytics-based pricing capabilities.


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Understanding trends in the American consumer deposits market.

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We feel your pain.

You are working to make your bank more profitable. 
You’ve tried streamlining branches, creating new products, cross-selling customers, and trimming costs. 

But it’s not working fast enough.




A more strategic way.

In business school, they tell you there are only two ways to make more money: 
grow the top line (i.e. sell more) or cut cost. 

There is a third way. Price Optimization.


Announcing Nomis Index: See Deposit Risks & Opportunities from Rising Rates Right Now

Do you wish you had a crystal ball to see what might happen as rates rise further and competitors respond? We just built one for you with your data. Get a glimpse into your possible future(s).
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84% of US deposits professionals who aren't using customer rate-sensitivity already, want to


  • Your systems are designed around your products and reporting. Pricing Analytics software cuts across all this, giving you agile decision-making capability you don’t have today.
  • In banking and in life the early bird gets the worm. We take out the hassle and thus increase the speed of channel and branch decision-making.
  • Faster also means you’ll be able to provide transparency to your model governance process.

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  • Rates are low now, but when they move, they move fast. A smart bank is a prepared bank which means being prepared to move price intelligently, not just follow the herd.
  • Smart banks don’t make decisions in isolation. They use price optimization to look at effects across the portfolio like flow of funds.
  • “What if” is a manual and time-consuming process for banks mostly done in Excel. Price optimization surfaces the trade-offs so you can focus on making smart decisions to drive the business.

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Over half of US deposits professionals plan on investing in predictive analytics such as sensitivity and forecasting models
Nomis processes over $1 trillion in transactions annually resulting in over $300 million returned to banks every year

Better Results

  • Optimizing all your portfolios means giving the right price to the right person while increasing overall profitability.
  • You have different goals in different parts of your portfolio. Stable funding of assets is required to secure what you need for your loan portfolio. Optimization means the ability to think holistically.
  • Making decisions the manual way costs real money and ties up your best analysts. There is a bottom line impact of price optimization too by reducing lots of manual analysis.

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