The Nomis Platform provides end-to-end functionality to fully plan and execute customer-centric pricing, from back office analytics to personalized client engagement in any retail banking channel. A unified data structure that brings together diverse data sets delivers a 360-degree view of the customer and what s/he values. Nomis’ powerful modeling and predictive analytics techniques empower banks to determine client-level pricing and context-driven engagement for both lending and deposits. The Nomis Platform is built on three fundamental pillars:


Analyze & Optimize

Portfolio and Segment-level Pricing and Forecasting

  • Leverage client, market, and competitive data for a deeper understanding of portfolio dynamics
  • Optimize prices based on powerful predictive analytics and what-if scenarios to meet portfolio goals for volume and/or margin
  • Determine target rates simultaneously across multiple segments to respond quickly to changing market conditions


Manage & Execute

Enterprise-wide Client-level Pricing and Bundles

  • Deliver branch, rep, or client-level pricing control using flexible pricing management to ensure that business rules are followed
  • Improve pricing agility with business-user driven tools
  • Enable pricing and offers for multi-product bundles for greater win-win value exchange in customer engagements


Present & Finalize

Client-level Price and Offer Presentment

  • Empower front-line bankers and digital channels with the customer intelligence they need to present and finalize client-level pricing and offers, including exception handling, offer comparison, and guided sales
  • Capture data about declined offers and lost opportunities to further improve advanced analytics accuracy by informing back office models
  • Manage margin leakage in markets where there is pricing discretion by presenting bankers with data-driven SmartRanges that specify targets and floors

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